Frequently asked questions

How much does Ruby weigh?

Ruby is very light, it's only 11 lbs (5 kg). It's very easy to carry and transport.

Ruby packed in bag with accessories weighs only 15 lbs (7 kg).

I have mic with small tripod. Will it fit?

Sure. You can put your mic inside the booth. There is no need to use built in mic suspension system.

How can I check if my mic is compatible?

If you have an unusual microphone and you have doubts whether it will fit Ruby - contact us via the contact page.

Standard size microphones will fit for sure, because we have designed a special universal holder.

If there is a problem with the mounting of your microphone, just report it to us. We will design a dedicated holder for you and send it at our expense.

Can I mount a pop filter?

The lower, front edge of the booth is reinforced with a rigid, aluminum strip, to which you can easily attach any pop filter. This will not damage Ruby.

What are the dimensions after folding?

The dimensions of the folded booth, packed in a bag, are 54 x 52 x 20 cm (21.26 x 20.47 x 7.87 in).

Does Ruby isolates outside noise?

Yes. This is not a complete isolation, so make sure you record in the most favorable conditions, however, the noise level from outside is significantly insulated.

Does Ruby eliminates reverb, echo?

Yes, perfect. The interior of the cabin is designed to absorb sound, reducing its return to the source.

Can Ruby be mounted on a tripod?

Ruby is intentionally designed to eliminate tripod use. However, we are also aware that human creativity knows no boundaries and if someone is very persistent, he will probably succeed to do it ;)

May I test Ruby before I buy it?

Each purchase on our website is covered by a 14-day right of return. If you return Ruby intact within this time, we will refund your money.

Return shipping costs are covered by the buyer.

Do you offer any warranty?

Each Ruby cabin comes with a one-year warranty. The warranty does not cover damage caused by the user.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We ship wherever FedEx can get.

What payment method do you recommend?

Our payment provider is Paynow ( If your order is outside Poland, we recommend safe and secure credit or debit card payment.

My card payment was rejected. How should I pay?

This means that your card does not support foreign currency payments. In this case, please use "GooglePay" as the payment method.

If you didn't find answers for your questions, please contact us.

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